SIGHTING, from Hildegard Rasthofer und Christian Neumaier, walkable sculpture (2018), 32.4 x 2.4 x 2.4 meters, structural steel, total weight 70.4 tons.

The sculpture is based on a modular system of 13 identical cubes, each rotated 90 degrees and arranged one above the other. The free-standing large object is made of structural steel and can be walked on inside up to its top. Each cube measures 2.4 x 2.4 x 2.4 meters and weighs around 4.8 tons.

The foundation consists of a mobile metal lattice structure that rests in the ground at a depth of only 80 centimeters. The entire sculpture has been tested and certified by the German TÜV as a so-called flying construction. The work can be erected and dismantled within a few days. After the sculpture is dismantled, no visible traces remain at the place of installation.

In the SIGHTING I, II, III and IV versions, the sculpture rises 32.4 meters into the sky. Inside, an open, triple-U-shaped staircase with quarter landings leads to the highest level.

Natural colours of the metal surface change between silver, blue, green, red, orange, brown and black in different tones and different brightness. The two centimetre thick steel skin has a certain patina with numerous damages, which is characteristic for this material.

Two 48 centimetre wide incisions, which are opposited diagonally to each other from floor to the ceiling, enables the visitor to have a view outside from every cube. During the course of the day the incident light illuminates walls and steps – changing shadows and outlines become visible.

156 steps lead over more than 30 meters high to the platform at the top. It is not only the experience of space, material, colour, volume and light, furthermore there is a specific sound perception of the sculpture. The steel steps bend minimally under weight and return to their original position when relieved.

Visitors climb the imperceptily swinging stairs and every step creates a sound. The sound changes according to the intensity of the movement, vibration, temperature, pressure, material tension and the position of the visitors within the sculpture. Each visitor creates a specific sound pattern – a sound mark of one´s own.

The space and sound sculpture SIGHTING is a site- and situation-specific work that emerges anew with each construction as an object and happening.